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In 2005, this stuff happened:

  • Craig Ferguson becomes the host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS
  • Condoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, becoming the first African American woman to hold the post.
  • Israel and Palestinians agree to ceasefire.
  • Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane around the world solo without any stops without refueling
  • Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith directed by George Lucas, starring Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman premieres at the Cannes Film Festival
  • YouTube, the popular Internet site on which videos may be shared and viewed by others, is launched in the United States.

Let’s talk about that last one, since the one right before it will just get us way off track.

Yup, it’s been 10 years since that day at the zoo became famous. Doesn’t it seem like it’s just always been there? I learned how to cook thanks to YouTube. I can almost tie a windsor knot thanks to YouTube. 10 years of YouTube. I never learned anything watching The Learning Channel. The fuzzy 20 frames per second videos of Numa Numa (which did not start on YouTube, by the way) have led to full-on music videos watchable on that big screen TV you have. Pretty amazing 10 years.

So, how does one celebrate this 10 years of YouTube. The drinks are on Chad Hurley!!! No, ok. With a video. The fine owners at Google would never let this pass without a rather large budget extravaganza. Designed to be watched on the YouTube platform(s), of course.

But first, would you like to play a game? Are you up on your Tube Trivia? Try it here.

How did you do? Ok, let’s get on with the show. #HappyBirthdayYouTube.

[youtube_video] WwoKkq685Hk [/youtube_video]

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