Step 1

All Production Members are provided with Covid-19 Protocols Prior to Registering for Event.

Step 2

All Production Members must be tested and respond negative to Covid-19 testing to be invited to attend an event.

Step 3

Screened Production Members electronically log in with ID to verify identity match to Covid-19 test prior to entering the event.

Step 4

Verified production members must wear appropriate Covid-19 protection during event.

Covid-19 Safe Productions

Production Staff, Cast & Audience Testing

Testing Protocols: Our partner in Audience Casting - Standing Room Only works with either your approved Covid-19 Testing Company or can provide you with a certified Covid-19 testing company.

Test Frequency: we recommend testing prior to each show for all attendees who are invited to attend a show.

Verification: Our partner - Standing Room Only works with any 3rd Party verification company to electronically record approved audience members or we can recommend 3rd party companies who will verify testing results on your behalf.

A Safe, Proven Solution for Production Needs During a Pandemic

Proven Track Record

We just successfully completed a pre-taped MGM comedy show with 400 pre-tested audience members July 22-31st.

Integrated Payroll

All production members are run through payroll and covered through worker’s comp policies.

On-Site Processes

Touchless check-in and check-out electronic system provides contact tracing on all production members.

Expert Support

COVID consultants on coordinator staff at events and during production.

Protective Gear

All Personal Protective Equipment provided for audience members and production staff.

Enforced Protocols

Proven COVID-19 Guidelines provided to all audience members and enforced on-site.

Audience Facial Visibility

Our clear protective masks allow home viewers to see your audience members' faces and reactions.

Medical Partners

We have a relationship with Curative Labs, the premier COVID testing company for 24-48 hour turn-around with PCR Testing and labs operating 24/7.

Socially Responsible,

A Safe Production Protocol for Covid-19

We provide the protocols and infrastructure to safely and efficiently allow extras casting and in-person audiences for major productions.

We give you access to major testing providers for efficient and reliable testing for production staff, cast and audience testing, provide end-to-end systems for member registration and payroll, streamline audience management on-site, and provide all the protective equipment necessary to keep everyone safe.

Our transparent face masks even allow your viewers to see audience member faces and reactions.

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