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The War Room Inc Production Studios in Vancouver posted some interesting data about online videos that I thought was worth reading. The original post is here and I encourage you to check out their other posts.

When it comes to online video (and specifically for business-to-business companies), there are several ‘myths’ that plague this form of marketing. Of course, many of the raised concerns are understandable. In fact, they might even sound logical and intuitive. People believe that traditional forms are still more cost-effective than hiring a video production company to create a video. However, facts are beginning to come to light and show that video is a serious aspect of your marketing strategy. Here’s why.

1) Videos are too short and simple.

“How are businesses supposed to convey their point in a single minute-half video?” people would say. Well, videos – compared to any other form of storytelling – are more effective per minute than any other form. This is due to being able to target both the visuals as well as the auditory. It’s the same reason why 90 minute movies can tell a story that took a book over 500 pages to.

If it does feel ‘simple’, perhaps that’s a good story told. Depending on how well the beginning, middle, and end is composed, a simple story could just be one that is seemingly obvious and logical and a job well done by the writer.

2) Business people don’t watch online videos about businesses.

The online world is littered with millions of videos (far more entertaining than work) and YouTube channels of cats, hot girls, and funny things. That said, there’s over 1 billion Youtube users and many more on other platforms. If you will, even a fraction of them means a lot of serious people.

In fact, a study (by Google & Forbes Insights) found that: 75% of executives of top national companies watch at least a business-related video each week.

Video is a great way to break through the monotone delivery of many companies.

3) Creating a video is expensive.

This is a true fact when you compare it to alternatives you can get for the same price. That said, videos are great because of their timelessness. Videos – once created and under your copyright – can be used for websites, seminars, presentations, or emails. They are vastly versatile and great when other forms just aren’t feasible. Not to mention, it can passively create engagement as well. The mere fact of it being on YouTube / etc. could draw in customers long, credibility, and exposure long after you thought it has become irrelevant.

Thanks War Room for the great post.
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