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Sometimes it’s just not fair. You come in, set up your gear. Next thing you know, it’s time to shoot and you are really hungry. You’re kicking yourself for not hitting up one of Google’s Mini-Kitchens. But you struggle through.

Then the guest arrives and you begin. And it’s Michael Pollan. The author of “The Omnivore‚Äôs Dilemma“. For the next hour, you hear talk of food. Beef. Hamburgers. And when you can’t take any more…..french fries. Of course, the next thing you hear about french fries is the toxins they add to them to make them look good. That’s the thing about a Michael Pollan talk. The deliciousness of what he’s talking about is soon tempered with the reality of factory farming.

But the Google Mini-Kitchen does have bananas.

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