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“Hey San Fran your other guest is running late,”

…the Director says over the Production line. ‘Great news’ I think dryly to myself as I mic up another live shot guest – a tech Reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

“Copy that,” I report back on the line.

One live remote interview begins.

Guest#1’s colleague is the one who is running late and their hit will be following this one immediately – Plenty of time!  I have two studios prepped and routed out so as soon as our late guest walks through the door I take him straight to the studio, mic him and he’s live within seconds.

“Thanks for the hustle, San Fran,” is remarked over the line.

A typical day in Operations here at MediaOne where we handle a large number of remote live guests for all the major networks (and some not so major) in our 2 insert studios. Both live shots went off without a hitch and I get the clear from the network. I take a deep breath and slowly exhale… I have my fix for the morning. Nothing quite starts the day like doing some live TV. Late Guests and Live Television.

Drew Norris, Manager, Operations 

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