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“How much will it cost to live stream my event?”

Good question. First, I have a few questions.

  • What are you trying to say?

You are doing this live stream because you have a message to get across, in some form. It may be marketing to customers, it may be the CEO wants to talk to the team around the world. You may be just wanting to try streaming.

  • Who will see it?

Is this video stream customer facing? Will the whole world be able to see this? Do you need this to be private?

  • How will they see it?

Do you have a website you want your video stream to play in? Do you have an existing account at someplace like Ustream or Livestream? Do you need a page built for you?

  • Where will this event happen?

Do we need lights, special audio considerations like PA speakers or the output of computers for things like Keynote slides?

Lots of questions.

And that’s the point. It’s not difficult to do professional live video streaming, however there are quite a few variables. But that’s ok. A professional video company will work with you to fit your needs and budget. In worthwhile video streaming, there is no one-size-fits-all.

Don’t work hard to look bad

I once watched a live stream from a technology news company. “Tech” is in their name. They used one camera in the cheap seats. The line of 8 panelists passed around one mic. You could only hear one person at a time. The panel sat against bright windows so it looked like an adult admitting they eat Frosted Flakes. My impression was “this is a technology company?.”

Think about your audience and what their walk-away impression will be. That’s doesn’t always mean break the bank. We spent a fair amount of Google money to live stream a performance of Porgy and Bess, with lots of cameras and a large truck of audio gear. The intent was  “this is a Broadway show.”

[youtube_video] /NEqe2M0B7gI?list=PLkt79SJLMSCktf4f9w_sw4PnajSTrOmOz [/youtube_video]

Benefit Cosmetics, wanted the feeling to be simple, intimate. We did a Hangout, with just two cameras. It looked professional with quality lighting and cameras. Their product looked great.

Benefot Cosmetics MediaOne Studios

Live streaming the lighting of the Bay Bridge was something different all together. A rainstorm made it…interesting.

[youtube_video] /YIjBV2Ve9Io?list=PLkt79SJLMSCktf4f9w_sw4PnajSTrOmOz [/youtube_video]

So the answer to your question “how much does it cost to live stream my event” is “it depends.” Not the answer you may have wanted. But it’s one that, together, we’ll figure out.



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