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It was another early morning with our friends from Subject Matter and Google for Jobs.

Last we met, it was just after midnight in Mountain View for Google I/O (we’re still playing with Google Assistant). This time, the announcement machine was launching their new job search feature, “Google for Jobs”.

So we gather again, MediaOne Studios and creative agency Subject Matter, this time with Nick Zakrasek, “Google for Jobs” Product Manager, along with 28 of your favorite television and radio stations from across the country.

“Finding a job is like dating, each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job.” Nick Zakrasek, “Google for Jobs” Product Manager

The new search feature, Google for Jobs, goes out and returns results from company career pages as well as 3rd party partner sites like Glassdoor and Monster. Users narrow the search with the user interface and links take you to the posting site. You can now the search criteria choosing aspects like full time, part time and so on. It can even tell you commute times using the Google Maps data.

Meanwhile, back in Studio A, we were happy to be working with Subject Matter again, and so soon after Google I/O. We had just caught up on our sleep! MediaOne and Subject Matter have teamed up for over 6 years, bringing the best new Google product announcements to local and national news and information outlets across America.

MediaOne and Google for Jobs

Additional Info: Watch the Google for Jobs demo video here.

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