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Back in the late 80’s the “founding fathers” or in our case, the “founding mother” of MediaOne started a business serving the ever-growing list of 24 hour cable news channels. These news operations needed local facilities to host their guests, and MediaOne filled that role in San Francisco. Today, we are the market leader in news channel guest services for San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Today, the ratings for the cable news channels came out and we’d like to congratulate all of our partners, who across the board, have built an audience.

Fox News at MediaOne Studios

Congratulations Fox News Channel for finishing the quarter up 23 percent in prime time and up 18 percent in total day from the same quarter a year ago. Newt Gingrich was a regular here at MediaOne and it was nice to see him again.

CNN at MediaOne Studios

CNN was up a whopping 71 percent in prime-time viewers and up 46 percent in total day viewers, vs. Q2 2015. And thanks to you, we got to meet the guy who invented a smart toothbrush.

msnbc at MediaOne Studios

MSNBC was up 72 percent in total prime-time viewers and up 68 percent in adults 25-54 from the same quarter in 2015. And MediaOne is happy to be the home of Hardball with Chris Matthews when his show travels. 

HLN at MediaOne Studios

HLN was up 3 percent in total prime-time viewers and up 5 percent in the adults 25-54 demo from the same quarter a year ago. Just this week, we met a San Francisco resident whose rent went from $1,800 to $8,000 ! 

Besides these channels, MediaOne hosts guests for Fox Business Channel, Democracy Now, BBC, CCTV, PBS, ABC, NBC and CBS and others. Good Morning America, Meet The Press, NBC Nightly News, ABC News This Week are all shows we work with. MediaOne helps bring you the news.

Rating info courtesy TVNewser


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