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We have clients who love our set in the studio. We can make our set your set! MediaOne can adapt and customize our physical set with lighting, furniture and props. There is also the option bring in your own set.

For our clients that don’t want to deal with the cost and time to create and store a practical set MediaOne Studios has some other options, Virtual or Holographic sets! Within the virtual or holographic sets our clients have even more options. Their choice of templates that are prebuilt and adaptable, or the option build a virtual set from scratch, and the possibility of a holographic set created from images.

Our own Jimmy G is a master when it comes to customizing and designing the client’s vision in the virtual world. With a few clicks the talent can be transported anywhere for their video and put into a set of their own inspiration and unlimited possibilities.

Through my weeks here, watching sets come in and out of our larger studio 3 I now understand the hassle of storage and set up to create what is being used on the stage. The high cost is another factor to take into consideration when preparing to shoot. A simple solution to shoot in front of a green screen and create or customize a virtual set would save the cost of storage and set up. Technological advances have constantly upgraded our options in the industry. Virtual and holographic sets can look as realistic as the practical set options. The customizing of every single detail from textures on the wall and floors, different views out of windows, company logos and images in different places, even multiple screens for presentation and interviews that would cost thousands to create for a raw set can be all done digitally at MediaOne.

I watched first hand as a set was taken from a basic template and customized in minutes, and the end result was amazing! If a client doesn’t have a complete vision of what they want we have examples and templates to start from so the client can get some ideas and customize the pieces rather than building from scratch. Some other benefits using a virtual set are the clients can tweak and adapt the set easily with feedback from the viewers. Lighting and colors can be changed with just a click of a button rather than excess time being spent with the changes. Check out our Sizzle Reel to see a wide range of examples and consider if a virtual or holographic set is the best option for your next video creation.

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