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Don’t let Facebook get you down. This is your opportunity to stand out.

Businesses’ have invested money and time in their Facebook feeds, and now Facebook is changing what the user sees. The new algorithm is based on interactions. And there lies the solution. As Mark Zuckerberg said

“live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”

Live Video is the solution. We know from experience that Facebook Live videos have huge interactions. You get the magic and comments of the live viewers, and the video persists on the platform for days and interactions skyrocket. We did a 15 minute Facebook Live event for a silicon valley retailer from their store. A several hundred people watched the stream live. In 48 hours, it was up to 3,000 views. In 7 days, it was at 8,113 views. The cost-per-viewer was tiny!

We wanted to share some of the articles I’ve come across that I thought were helpful and calming.

From The New York Times, Advertisers See Video Ambitions

From Engadget, Facebook Gets Back To People.

From Search Engine Journal, Can Social Live Video Help Your SEO?

From Tech Crunch, How Publishers Will Survive

Happy reading…

Oh, one little note. When you stream to Facebook, you don’t pay for the bandwidth like you would if you streamed directly to a player on your own website. That is a big cost saving. But we can talk about that when you call.

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