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Salesforce shooting at MediaOne.

Written by MediaOne’s Manager of Studios, “JimmyG” Giliberti.

We love having Salesforce in studio because they consistently present us with opportunities to show our flexibility in interweaving proven broadcast standards and new technologies into our productions. Originating from MediaOne’s Studio 3, we accommodate 4 or 5 executives on set, capture the output of 2 sometimes 3 different devices on stage, and often top it off with a guest participating via Skype. Creatively, this means making sure the set is clean and professional, that our lighting enhances the feeling of openness and engaging conversation, and that all the graphics support the Salesforce brand.

Operationally, all cameras, mics, IFBs are calibrated, adjusted, and placed in a fashion that supports the look of the show. Each show sports a mixture of devices, from PC Laptops, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. These are sometimes presented in full screen, and at other times in a double box format with the speaker. Skype calls are also presented in this way, and we support FaceTime and Google Hangouts as well.

Many of the shows originate live, and are later repurposed as bite size “snackables” for future viewing.  Our team has a strong post production background, and this helps Salesforce in achieving fast turnaround and creative reuse of media.

Communication is the backbone to our efficient execution of the production pipeline, and we are fortunate to participate in all phases with SalesForce, leading to shows that educate, entertain and are just darn fun to produce.

A little iPhone / YouTube Capture movie we made one day:

[youtube_video] yS82Ellx2ao?list=PLkt79SJLMSCn05lRoX-IMX-uZtsvF7kRY [/youtube_video]


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