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You’ve done all the hard work. Now let’s increase how many viewers see your video.

The top 3 websites on the planet (as of this writing) are Google, Facebook and YouTube. Facebook and YouTube are locked horns in an epic battle over the place to watch videos. But use your own experience as a guide. If you wanted a how-to video on fixing the toilet, would you go to Facebook or YouTube? And how would you find it?

You’d Search For It. 

So how do you make your videos “search-friendly?” Make your titles searchable, and the term “searchable” is easily defined. Use the same words in the title that you would use if you were asking a person for the same thing.

I see so many companies posting videos with titles that include text I would never search for. Sure, if while I’m looking for “How do I fix my toilet” I happen to see “Giant Money Attacks Prius” I might check it out, but I doubt I’ll ever be searching for a video of a giant ape attacking a Toyota.

I also don’t see myself searching for “walkthrough version4.mp4” yet some seem to think that’s a good title. By the way, when I taught social media, doing that got you a really bad grade.

SEO Secret: Search engines (and YouTube is also a search engine) are designed for normal people. Normal people type in the same words they would use if asking someone for help. So, for top-notch SEO, use regular-people wording. Don’t tell Google I just give away the big secret. 

Here is a helpful video from the MediaOne Studios “Stuff We Like”playlist:

[youtube_video] UBFqabrsJgg?list=PLkt79SJLMSCmS8aS2oj0M3zS8b8OMIoqD [/youtube_video]

And about Facebook hosting more videos? Sure. Some day. But when you want something specific, are you going to scroll your Facebook feed hoping a friend also has a stuck toilet?

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