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Just before the holiday break, we finished off principle studio video production for one of our Google projects. Three days in our San Francisco Studio 3 (and, in Google tradition, 3 days of nice lunches*) will be turned into 12-plus online videos for Google, posted to one of their YouTube pages. Yeah, we’d like to tell you more but we hate spoilers.

Over 800 gigs of Pro Rez video files are off to our partners at TeamJaded for post, including motion graphics, titles and music .

Prime host was Google’s Maile Ohye. She’s done a bunch of videos teaching us all how to play well with the search algorithm. While you’re waiting for this latest batch of goodness to hit the page, check out another here.

We’ll let you know when the new stuff become live. Watch this space. Ok, we’ll post it to Facebook and Twitter as well.

*Not kidding about the food. The link is to Foursquare page for Studio 3. Photos so it happened.

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