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Are You Paying Attention? The Secret to Video Advertising.

YuMe and IPG Media Labs wanted to know the answer to that simple question. The metrics for making an impact with video is no longer “yeah…I saw it.”,It’s about “Receptivity”, the willingness to receive a brand message, and “Attention”, the active behavior of noticing the message.

“Since the media industry is highly fragmented, it is difficult to know when consumers are actually paying attention to ads,” says Brian Marx, Digital Marketing Manager, Truvia® natural sweetener. “YuMe and IPG Media Lab’s research shows the valuable impact high consumer attention has on brand metrics. If we could reach audiences when they are most attentive, those impressions would be of greater value.”

7000 of You

YuMe checked in with 7000 people (hopefully they were paying attention at the time). They came up with this:

  • Context is key to predicting a consumer’s level of receptivity and attention to digital advertising
  • Receptivity and attention are drivers of brand performance
  • Video advertisers should think beyond the lean-back at home mode as being the only optimal context for reaching attentive audiences
  • There are a number of actionable ‘sweet spots’ for reaching attentive audiences (keep reading…)

Some of the other findings:

If you are in a public and on a tablet, you are very receptive to video advertizing. If you are in a good mood, even more so. So go show your video to someone in a coffee shot who’s reading Flipboard and smiling. Another interesting factoid…the smaller the screen, the better the brand recall. Steve Jobs was right all along about screen size.

Check out the report and the video here.

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