Fiber Optic Engineering

Our Fiber Optic Technician has been trained with real-life broadcast experience from one of the best stadiums in the country, AT&T Park. With over 15 years of field experience and fiber optic certification, we understand the advanced concepts required to safely and competently install, test, and manage fiber optic communications cabling.

We are ready to do what is required to make sure your fiber needs are met.  This could be initial planning, pricing estimates and options, installation, and ongoing service of your fiber optic networks, and we have all the equipment in-house.  In addition, we work with test equipment from several different manufacturers to ensure your signal is always ready for big and small events alike. We also work with other industry fiber optic specialists as needed to make sure your service is consistently delivered.

Fiber Optic Capabilities:

  • Measure the bi-directional loss in a fiber optic link with a power meter and light source
  • Termination and splicing
  • Testing links and locating faults using an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Interpreting an OTDR trace
  • Performing visual inspection of a link

Custom Video Production

Equipment & Crews

MediaOne Studios gladly works with agencies offering support with video, software, asset management, production crews and distribution to create the perfect videos you need. We can leverage our state of the art equipment and a control room to help you contain your costs during production. Specifically, we offer:

Camera and Multicam Packages

  • Tricaster
  • DSLR
  • Sony HD
  • Panasonic HD
  • LED Lighting packages
  • Green Screen Lighting Package
  • Audio packages
  • Steadicam

Dedicated Distribution Support

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Full Time Technical Support

Professional Crews & Staffing

  • Engineering crews
  • EFP crews
  • DP
  • Gaffers, grips, electricians
  • Fiber Engineer
  • Dedicated Director of Technology
  • Software Engineers
  • Front End Web Designers
  • Directors and producers
  • Crane and jib operators
  • Camera Operators
  • TD
  • Teleprompter
  • Stage Manager


Virtual and Augmented Reality

We are proud to be working with Intel True VR and the MLB to have broadcast a number of the SF Giants baseball games in 2017 season and will continue this in 2018 Season.

To experience the power of Virtual Reality the Giants have a section of their ballpark where fans can experience the "on the field" reality of baseball.

To be able to enjoy this in 2018 baseball season SF Giants fans need to have the right mobile phone and set up. Here are some details:

The Intel® True VR app is available for Gear VR and Daydream. You’ll need a Samsung Gear VR* headset and a compatible Samsung Phone or a Daydream headset with a compatible Daydream phone.

Once You Have Your Equipment

  • Download and open the Oculus* Store for Gear VR or the Google Play Store* for Daydream
  • Search for and download the Intel® True VR application
  • Open the app and attach your phone to your headset
  • Kick back and enjoy

Video Streaming Networks

Streaming & OTT

MediaOne Studios is technology partners with The Switch and LTN streaming broadcast networks, enabling us to deliver streaming & live video content globally for our clients.

Additional OTT Support

  • Live Event Packaging
  • Event Management
  • Event Set-up and Configuration
  • OTT Help Desk

With Access To:

  • The Switch Global Network
  • LTN Broadcast Network
  • 175+ Venues across North America
  • A community of 800 content producers around the world

Information Technology

IT Infrastructure and Security

MediaOne, through its parent company DigiPowers, has decades of real-world IT and software development experience for both large and small applications. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, our IT infrastructure is designed with reliability and security in mind. We offer 24/7 uptime monitoring to all our clients, via both internal and external services around the world. Our architecture is certified PCI-compliant to ensure that we keep our customers' data safe.