Freelancer & Independent Contractor Onboarding Form

Please enter your information, including a digital copy of your W-9, to be entered into MediaOne’s system for payments and administration. We will also be using this information for tax requirements to have accurate information for you.

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If you operate as an independent contractor or freelancer under your own name, please write your name in this box.
If you do not wish to fill out your SSN here, we will use the information provided in your uploaded W-9 Form.

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If you do not have your W-9 form, you can download the W-9 form here from Please fill it out, save it as a PDF, and upload it below.
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Digital Payment Options

Enter any information for digital payment services you wish to use, or leave blank to be paid by check. If you wish to receive payments via direct deposit to a bank account, we will need your banking information. Contact us to arrange for this payment type.
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