Editing and Post Production

Video Editing

MediaOne’s post production team uses the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to deliver quality content for our clients.  Post production needs vary from project to project.  Our ability to scale up to meet your editing requirements allows MediaOne the flexibility to deliver regardless of your post production budget.  From simple to complex we can deliver what you need when you need it.


File Delivery

MediaOne’s broadcast studios have the ability to deliver content through a variety of platforms.  File based, VOD, streaming, and broadcast play outs are all available.

Sound Mix and Sound Design

Work with our talented sound engineers and a staff of professionals who have been trusted to deliver sound to discerning audiences like the San Francisco Opera, Live Nation, and broadcast news hosts as well as CEO’s and executives of major Fortune 500 companies and tech startups. We listen to your requests to provide the audio mix.

If the sound is to be shared, we ensure it is CALM-compliant audio.  The CALM Act is intended to spare viewers the annoyance of constantly adjusting the volume on their TVs to compensate for the significantly higher audio level of commercials.


Animation & Digital Delivery

Effects, 3D, and Motion Graphics

The possibilities are endless but a clear vision is at the center of creating a finished, visually-stunning product. MediaOne has built a team of designers, developers, and artists with extensive backgrounds to deliver creatively captivating content for you. Using creative techniques like 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and compositing, we can ensure your content is ready for worldwide delivery.

High Speed Digital Delivery

Our studios have high-bandwidth fiber capabilities to enable fast data delivery around the world. We encourage our clients to consider leveraging their content with the high speed and real-time “live” delivery of news, entertainment, and scripted or live program broadcasts.

Enterprise-Level Quality Control

We currently serve over 5 million consumers monthly with constantly-changing content, through the video we create for top news networks like CNN, NBC, Fox, and BBC. We have dedicated engineers to ensure we provide complete quality control with personalized service.

Our Mission and Policies

Budget Sensitivity

We pride ourselves on being your business partners and will work with you and your team to create a budget that meets your goals. Your project's target costs are closely managed so we can ensure that we keep you as a happy customer. With our expertise, we will develop a solution customized to your needs.

We Really Do Operate 24/7

We mean it - the news desks around the world rely on us. We are proud to be nimble enough to be there when you need us. Whether you are doing a satellite media tour that starts at 3AM, or are on the east coast morning news shows with 4 AM call time, we are always available. Call or send us a message and we'll get back to you quickly with a response.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves in offering timely and passionate customer service to our clients. The attention given to your company comes from our culture of treating you like we would like to be treated. This is why we are driven by repeat business and relationships with clients that go back 5, 10, or 15 years. We are committed to serve you to the very best of our ability. Additionally, we are open to your feedback on how to improve so we remain sensitive to your company needs and will go the extra mile to help you make you successful.