On Location Production

Convention & Event Video Production

MediaOne Studios of San Francisco offers Convention Video Production Services. Whether you’re having an event at Moscone Convention Center, Levi’s Stadium, the new San Francisco Chase Arena, Fort Mason or a custom corporate function in the San Francisco area, we are ready to serve you. Our professional staff of cameramen, producers and editors have recorded corporate video for functions including SalesForce, UCSF, Google, SAP and hundreds of other video and broadcast productions in the Bay Area.

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality meaningful messages, and we will work closely with you and your team to create a production plan that fits within your budget and deadlines. We are dedicated to quality client services and understand that in production many little surprises can happen, but we are there to make sure to get the job done and done well. Our experienced production staff can serve your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

San Francisco is a huge destination for conventions and trade shows with our newly renovated and expanded Moscone Convention Center opening this last year. With locations like Moscone Center, Fort Mason, and the Presidio, the Bay Area is home to famous conventions and events like ASC, DreamForce, Oracle OpenWorld and many other key conventions including the upcoming 2020 Worldwide Aids Conference. With the large amount of companies attending such events, it can be difficult to stand out for the crowd. One great way to add an air of professionalism at a convention is having a video production company in San Francisco accompany you at the event. There are many ways this can benefit your experience.


Production Packages

One of the biggest reasons your company would want to leverage MediaOne’s video production team is to expertly capture the event to promote your company. You will be able to promote your leaders and company because of the unique opportunity to connect your company with the world’s leading experts and speakers from your filed attending the convention. Showing your clients your firm’s participation in a world class convention lets them know that the company invests in the industry and has a commitment to supporting the community of professionals. Whether the convention is hundreds of different businesses or an exclusive trade show with only a few, video production gives the impression that every convention is important.


  • Video Crew Experienced in Convention Production
  • Local San Francisco Location Identification
  • In Depth knowledge of live streaming, OTT and broadcast of video content
  • B-roll Coverage
  • In Studio or on location or near location video capture
  • Unique access to hotels located within 5 minutes of the Convention to allow video speakers to come and go quickly
  • Multi Video Production Studio location within 1 mile of Mocscone Center, San Francisco CA
  • 4K/HD
  • Experience Capturing Main Speaking Sessions
  • Proven Experience Breakout Sessions
  • Ability to Capture Quality Interviews/Testimonials
  • Onsite Editing with Same-day Delivery
  • Sizzle/Recap Video Editing of Event
  • Extensive Experience with Live Switching with Multiple Camera Options