Efficient Marketing

Satellite Media Tours

If you’re not familiar with this public relations and marketing service, a satellite media tour (SMT) is a technique used by corporations to allow an expert of their choice to interview with local television news broadcasts for live interactions - with the goal of getting a specific message delivered across many markets with local relevance. An SMT can target specific geographic regions or a large national audience. It is possible to reach millions of viewers in markets across the country in just a short amount of time.This marketing approach can be very cost-effective and attention-grabbing.

MediaOne's SMT productions are offered for corporations, associations, government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit clients through their PR agencies. MediaOne is not a PR agency, but we provide technical and production support for PR agencies throughout the Bay Area and beyond to support their clients in delivering SMTs.

MediaOne is the only Bay Area SMT production company that has been set up to deliver SMTs at any time - without any changes in studio or equipment - so we are always ready, whether your SMT is broadcast from our studio or a remote location.  You can be confident that, while your SMT is in process, streamlined engineering allows our broadcast team to get your valuable content on the air around the world as fast as possible.

Our SMT production experts offer full support throughout your satellite media tour. We act as a part of the team and can help with set design and layout, studio booking, and onsite logistics to support your PR agency. Additionally, we offer real-time output so that you can conclude your SMT and leave our studios with all your interviews in-hand and ready for you to promote.

Our green room has the finest accommodations in San Francisco and we offer quality service from your arrival to departure. Check out our guest services here to see the level of detail we deliver to ensure you have a great experience.

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24 x 7 Booking

News Feeds & Live Shots

MediaOne San Francisco has an uncompressed HD-SDI connection to The Switch.  We are trusted to deliver meaningful messages from the entire Bay Area, including servicing major broadcasters, the San Francisco Giants, and corporations like Facebook, Salesforce and Google. Our San Francisco studio is located at 333 Broadway, just minutes from the Financial District.

MediaOne's studios, which offer single, multi-camera and SMT production, are a valuable resource for news bureaus and media makers.  Our studios are perfect for live or taped interviews and commercial productions.  MediaOne San Francisco offers virtual sets, digital backdrop options, or cityscapes from our rooftop - which has gorgeous San Francisco Bay views.

Additionally, MediaOne offers teleprompter, makeup, craft services, real-time asset management, software support, and remote support.  MediaOne is fully prepared to meet your play out requirements.

In addition to our studios, play out, and post facilities, MediaOne can accommodate High Definition and Standard Definition single camera location shoots, as well as multi-camera switched productions with our flyaway pack.

On Location

Remote Production Live Shots

MediaOne has over twenty years’ experience doing remote live shot productions and broadcast  in the Bay Area. Trusted by the San Francisco Giants and major Bay Area companies, we will travel to your location to create the video content needed to achieve your production objectives. Because we own our equipment, we are able to confidently commit to supporting your event with reliable gear, to get you the results you desire.

Our experience with remote production live shots spans the globe. Depending on the client needs, we will recommend the most reliable and cost-effective way to create and distribute a remote live production.

Professional Sports

Live Sporting Events

For over a decade, MediaOne has been the exclusive broadcast operations provider for the San Francisco Giants. This means that every inning, every game, every World Series has been supervised by our staff and run through our infrastructure. MediaOne can support live broadcasts of any sporting event large or small, and we will work with the venue to ensure a flawless transmission.

MediaOne is also pleased to announce we will be delivering planning, production, broadcast and technical support for the upcoming Rugby World Cup Sevens San Francisco 2018. It will be the seventh edition of the global tournament and the third to feature both men’s and women’s competitions.

For 24 x 7 Booking:

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Industry Leading Distribution

Leveraging The Switch

MediaOne, in conjunction with The Switch, maintains HD/SDI Pool Ports for the purpose of sending and receiving breaking news stories and other content that our Switch customers may make available.  MediaOne and Switch customers such as Oracle, Salesforce, and others will often make Keynote Speeches, or B-Roll from their corporate events available on The Switch to anyone who wishes to take in the feeds.

If Pool Feeds are made available at the San Francisco Switch, there is no charge to you for taking the feed.  If the Pool Feed is made available in another city, MediaOne charges the per-minute Inter-City on Demand (ICOD) charge to bring that feed to San Francisco.  ICOD is the long haul fiber transmission service offering, available between each of the 53 active cities of The Switch, and is often used by companies with large national footprints.  For more details, contact us.


Supported Formats

  • ASI 50Mbps
  • JPEG 2000 (4)
  • ASI 80Mbps
  • JPEG 2000 (16)
  • ASI 213Mbps
  • 1.485 Gbps Uncompressed HD-SDI
  • 270 Mbps Uncompressed SD-SDI
  • 4K Capable


  • Low per-minute rates
  • No minimum transmission time required
  • Monitor activity through our dashboard
  • Customer Control
  • Transmit on-demand or schedule transmissions in advance
  • "Pay only for what you use" policy