MediaOne Studios Las Vegas

Soundstage, Studios & Production Facilities

Come to us with an idea for your video production, and we can make it happen. We will provide creative assistance, crews, gear, control room and guest facilities. Our Las Vegas video production studios have everything needed for a successful video production, a full acoustic soundstage, green screen stage, streaming pod studios, control room, lounge, kitchen and office.

Large Scale Virtual Sets

Green Screen Stage

Our 18’x18’ green screen stage, with 20’ ceilings. Acoustically treated, ready for virtual set presentations.


  • Hair / makeup
  • Catering
  • Lounge


  • Stream to any platform
  • Record (ProRes 422)
Large Scale Productions

Acoustic Soundstage

Our full acoustic sound stage, at 25x20 feet, is large enough for the whole band. It features an adjacent control room with a full digital audio workstation.


  • Hair / makeup
  • Catering
  • Lounge


  • Stream to any platform
  • Record (ProRes 422)
Streaming Studios

Pod 2

Our streaming rooms are designed as “Pods” which individually are fully equipped for remote and local streaming broadcasts, and an internal 10GB network and robust baseband connectivity for video and audio allow each pod to interlink and provide even more versatility.

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Ample Space for Comfort and Catering

Lounge & Craft Services

We provide a fully stocked lounge so you can have the comforts of home while working.

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We Will Come To You

On-Location & Venue Production

Shooting at Your Place
  • We will come to your Event
  • Portable production switcher
  • Graphics and video playback
  • HD Cameras
  • Live Stream to any platform (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter)
Entertainment & Sports Venues
  • Event project management
  • Transmission of any event in any format
  • Broadcast technical support
  • Full interview package (photographer, camera, lights, etc)
Creative Services
  • Message Development
  • Producers on Staff
  • Post Production, Editing & Color Correction
  • Media Management
  • Media Distribution

Rent Our Studios

If you have your own team for production but you need the ideal space in Las Vegas, you can rent our studios for you and your team. Just contact us and we can answer any questions you have, as well as provide you photos or a video of our studios.

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