Are You Paying Attention? The Secret to Video Advertising. YuMe and IPG Media Labs wanted to know the answer to that simple question. The metrics for making an impact with video is no longer “yeah…I saw it.”,It’s about “Receptivity”, the willingness to receive a brand message, and “Attention”, the active behavior of noticing the message. “Since

Online Video Saves Magazines

Online Video Saves The Magazine! From Mashable: On Monday, the MPA released its first Magazine Media 360 Brand Audience Report. The data looks at audiences for 147 of the biggest magazine titles, using third party data to provide one of the most transparent looks at the magazine industry. The new monthly report comes from the magazine industry’s
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Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES

CHVRCHES Performance at Google

CHVRCHES performance at Google was one of our favorite shoots. And full of challenges. Most shoots at Google have some challenge to them, usually because of the rooms these events take place in. The room we were assigned this time was long and skinny. The “audience” of about 8 rows deep and 60 rows wide face
Benefit Google Hangout
Benefit and Birchbox go Google Hangout We’ve worked with Benefit Cosmetics before. Who would not want to work with a company whose tagline is “laughter is the best cosmetic.” Sure they take the job seriously, but getting there is never a chore. Our first outing with Benefit was on Valentines Day. A real-time marketing push
Let’s Play Hardball! Taking care of Chris Matthews. When Chris and Tina, his Producer, arrive, we give them office space (usually a conference room) phones, a television, a printer and we let them be.About 3 or 4 times a year, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews takes  “Hardball” on the road. To San Francisco and to MediaOne. In
Ira Glass and Logan Ury MediaOne

Ira Glass from This American Life

Ira Glass was in the neighborhood. He didn’t have a book to sell or a movie to promote. He’s best known as the host of This American Life, which this past July aired it’s 500th episode. 1.7 million listeners know this guys voice. Ira Glass is also the winner of The Edward R. Murrow Award
Michael Pollan MediaOne

Michael Pollan And Food At Google

Sometimes it’s just not fair. You come in, set up your gear. Next thing you know, it’s time to shoot and you are really hungry. You’re kicking yourself for not hitting up one of Google’s Mini-Kitchens. But you struggle through. Then the guest arrives and you begin. And it’s Michael Pollan. The author of “The
MediaOne Studio 3

Top 3 Myths About Online Video

The War Room Inc Production Studios in Vancouver posted some interesting data about online videos that I thought was worth reading. The original post is here and I encourage you to check out their other posts. When it comes to online video (and specifically for business-to-business companies), there are several ‘myths’ that plague this form of marketing.
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Shooting at Google MediaOne Services

How To Shoot at Google

We’re been at Google quite a bit of late. Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Gladwell, Professor Richard Dawkins to namedrop a few. Interested in knowing how we shoot at Google? We start with a great team. We walk in the door between 2 hours to an hour and a half before the event is to start. Audio gear
Julian Guthrie stops by the Googleplex in Mountain View to discuss her latest book: “The Billionaire and the Mechanic: How Larry Ellison and a Car Mechanic Teamed Up to Win Sailing’s Greatest Race, The America’s Cup”.
How do you fly a boat? What did Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs talk about and how did Larry try to corrupt Steve. Julian Guthrie stops by the Googleplex in Mountain View to discuss her latest book: “The Billionaire and the Mechanic: How Larry Ellison and a Car Mechanic Teamed Up to Win Sailing’s Greatest
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Danny Cohen's Google Festschrift

Danny Cohen’s Festschrift

We were quite happy to get the call from Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the IP address. He was holding a Google “Festschrift” for Danny Cohen, inventor is VOIP, as well as quite a few other things as you’ll soon see. In this video, now hosted by MIT, Danny is surrounded by friends (aka serious networking
We are more than just a bit thrilled to be partnering with The Bay Lights Project on the most awesome of art projects. Each night for the next 2 years, the San Francisco Bay Bridge will be one massive LED art sculpture! MediaOne will produce the live webcast of the grand lighting as well as