John Lewis
John Lewis remembers the Selma March. Representative John Lewis, as a young man in 1965, helped organize 3 marches to promote African American voting rights that led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Lewis is the only living “Big Six” leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, having been the chairman of the Student Nonviolent
MediaOne Studios Live Stream
“How much will it cost to live stream my event?” Good question. First, I have a few questions. What are you trying to say? You are doing this live stream because you have a message to get across, in some form. It may be marketing to customers, it may be the CEO wants to talk to

Late Guests and Live Television

“Hey San Fran your other guest is running late,” …the Director says over the Production line. ‘Great news’ I think dryly to myself as I mic up another live shot guest – a tech Reporter for the Wall Street Journal. “Copy that,” I report back on the line. One live remote interview begins. Guest#1’s colleague

Videos Are Taking Over

Huff Post Tech wrote this post that we agree with…of course. Videos are everywhere More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, you can’t visit your Facebook page without seeing a video every other post, news agencies have them all over their websites, and businesses feature them front and center on
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3D Camera on ISS

3D Video in Space

NASA has made a rather interesting discovery for those of us in video. If we plan on taking a camera to space, make it 3D. Space. 3D. Of course! Well, actually, if you think about it, while space is vast, it’s also pretty flat, visually. Unless you are standing behind one planet while looking at

Talks at Google, Produced by MediaOne

The Beach Boys were first. Over 130 videos later, we are still shooting for Google. The name cache of the mammoth company acts like a magnet for global influencers. A small army of Google volunteers assemble and arrange the list of the best and fan out across multiple Google locations, guests in hand, for ‘Talks at
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2014 World Series - MediaOne

Behind The Scenes at the World Series

The world of baseball comes to AT&T Park for the 2014 World Series. MediaOne is the Video Manager for AT&T and it’s up to us to accommodate 27 production vehicles, over 20 cameras and a bah-zillion or so (approximately) incoming and outgoing feeds. Here are some pictures taken on set-up day. Welcome to Behind The Scenes
online video mediaone

Nielsen Ratings Come To Web Video

Nielsen Ratings Come To Web Video The Nielsen Company, the people that tell us how many people are watching The Big Bang Theory this week, and how many are not watching “The Voice”, will soon tell us how many people are watching our web videos. They will team with Adobe. Long a desire of advertisers to
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Ruthlessly Prioritize Your Task List

Your Task List Let’s see. My list is on several posit’s, a note pad;paper, note pad;electronic, Reminders app, palm of hand. Sometimes I need a task list that lists my task lists. Hence why I found this post by Belle Beth Cooper in Zapier so helpful. Follow her at @BelleBCooper. ——– Have you ever noticed how easy
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YouTube Generation

10 Lessons For Online Video

10 Lessons For Online Video Below is a fantastic post from and Catalina Albeanu that’s worth passing on. Some key points are: Online video is not the same as TV Yes, it can get pricey Publish more video Livestreams can be addictive Re-read bullet point #1 I’ve added a few notes along the way as
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Training Your Team

Training your team when the team needs to be taught. Manuals, “how-to’s” and some “somebody showed me once when I first got here.” These are often the traditional methods for team training. The wonderful steep learning curve new members endure…only to forget half by the time they need to use the info. Let’s take a cue from
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The Ultimate POV Camera Shootout

The Ultimate POV Camera Shootout: This is an impressive blog post by Doug Spotted Eagle of Sundance Media Group, originally posed on Creative Cow. He tested POV camera image quality, wifi, water use, mounts and more. We’re re-posting a general overview. POV cameras aren’t merely changing the production world, they have become a staple of the