Memorial Day. This is why.

This is why there is a Memorial Day. [youtube_video] RzSY72rLRic [/youtube_video]
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Will video help my SEO?

This post from Mark Lerner, Senior Director of Content Marketing at EXPO.  What are the best SEO strategies? Honestly, in my experience, I have yet to get a straight answer to this question. It seems that, over the last few years, Google (and other search engines) have made it increasingly harder for website owners, SEO specialists,
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David Letterman Show

In the bathroom with David Letterman

I didn’t have a job so I hung out with my friend Dan Hathaway who did Electronic Graphics for The David Lettermen Show. Live at 10 AM from NBC New York’s Studio 6A. While it had some extra characters, it was pretty much the same show Dave ended up doing again years later at 12:30 AM, and
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Benefit Cosmetics Shoot in LA

How To Do Online Video Well

During the first 20 years of the Web, content presentation was focused on text and graphics. Today, however, video is the fastest-growing content segment of the Internet. Online video has become an immovable part of the direct marketing industry. According to the “2014 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report,” published by Flimp Media and
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Dancing Dogs

Dancing dogs, scared cats and wheels for back legs. What’s not to love? The East Bay SPCA has produced this adorable video to help in their adoption program. Go ahead…watch the video, see people dance, see dogs with wheels. As the YouTube page says…. Saving lives never sounded so funky! [youtube_video] -SY2Pa6xlQc [/youtube_video] To learn
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Better Video Ads

At the National Association of Broadcaster Convention last week, I met up with Sandeep Casi of Videogram. I also listened to a panel discussion he took part in where he talked about auto-play videos, pre-roll ads and other advertising techniques for online videos. He has some interesting ideas. Here is a blog post he wrote
The email came just before the holiday break. “I want to shoot a video!”  “When?” “The second week of January in three cities! It’s a spoof of The Psychic Friends Network!” I thought “there goes my Christmas.” But I knew this would be fun. The caller was Claudia Allwood,  US Director of Digital Marketing at Benefit
YouTube Help - MediaOne

YouTube Fail

Anyone at NASA will tell you…while failure sucks, you learn a bunch from it. [youtube_video] Dyv1cgLryPI [/youtube_video] Check out this well written post by Roberto Baldwin of The Next Web. Did you know YouTube was a fail? YouTube is the internet in its purest form. For better or worse, this is the audio-visual mirror of humanity’s digital
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mediaone Studios

Tips For Time Management

Time Management. I always thought technology was going to allow us to relax a bit. All this stuff was going to automate the routine, not having to use white-out would make typing easier. Facebook would let me get to a bunch of people at once. And, actually, they have. But the demands have increased as
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MediaOne Salesforce Production

Producing Salesforce at MediaOne

Salesforce shooting at MediaOne. Written by MediaOne’s Manager of Studios, “JimmyG” Giliberti. We love having Salesforce in studio because they consistently present us with opportunities to show our flexibility in interweaving proven broadcast standards and new technologies into our productions. Originating from MediaOne’s Studio 3, we accommodate 4 or 5 executives on set, capture the
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John Lewis
John Lewis remembers the Selma March. Representative John Lewis, as a young man in 1965, helped organize 3 marches to promote African American voting rights that led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Lewis is the only living “Big Six” leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, having been the chairman of the Student Nonviolent
international-womens-day mediaone Studios video

Woman Who Changed Our View Using Video

International Woman’s Day is this Sunday. Lets share the power of woman and how they use the power of video to change the way people think. [youtube_video] b1XGPvbWn0A [/youtube_video] Shoshana Roberts made a point in her video, “10 Hours Walking in NYC”. The video went viral on the web and broadcast.  Shoshaha showed what it’s like to be