We have clients who love our set in the studio. We can make our set your set! MediaOne can adapt and customize our physical set with lighting, furniture and props. There is also the option bring in your own set. For our clients that don’t want to deal with the cost and time to create

Retreat @ Mayacamas Ranch

“Sometimes the best way forward is to Retreat” MediaOne Studios is a large supporter of sustainable businesses and follow our parent company GeneroCity in these efforts. We pride ourselves on working with other companies that support the same progressive philosophy and emphasize sustainability and try to surround ourselves with that. We are lucky to be partnered

Live with Deloitte

MediaOne Studios has been a buzz today since 7am getting ready for Deloitte’s live-streamed event on YouTube to discuss business ecosystems. Deloitte has been in the studio the past three days setting up and rehearsing, making sure every detail would be perfect and ready for the broadcast. We had a wonderful set constructed by Acme

80% of the Internet Will Be Video

I came across this on The Washington Post interweb site, from Brian Fung. Video is eating the Web. Already, we know that Netflix accounts for one-third of Internet traffic at peak hours. Toss in YouTube, and that figure rises to roughly half of all bandwidth consumed. But even that’s small potatoes compared with what’s coming. In five years, 80 percent of the entire
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YouTube at 10 MediaOne Studios

Happy Birthday YouTube at 10

In 2005, this stuff happened: Craig Ferguson becomes the host of “The Late Late Show” on CBS Condoleezza Rice is sworn in as U.S. Secretary of State, becoming the first African American woman to hold the post. Israel and Palestinians agree to ceasefire. Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane around the
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Tomorrowland The Movie MediaOne Stuidios

Tomorrowland Behind The Scenes

The new Disneyland Pictures movie “Tomorrowland” is out.  No spoilers! Well, we’ll try anyway. If you haven’t seen it , we recommend you do. It’s not a movie about Space Mountain or the locked-in-time view of tomorrow you get at Disneyland. In fact, Disney Pictures  “Tomorrowland” is not at all about Disneyland’s “Tomorrowland”. Before the

Will Video Help My SEO?

This post from Mark Lerner, Senior Director of Content Marketing at EXPO.  What are the best SEO strategies? Honestly, in my experience, I have yet to get a straight answer to this question. It seems that, over the last few years, Google (and other search engines) have made it increasingly harder for website owners, SEO specialists,
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Benefit Cosmetics Shoot in LA

How To Do Online Video Well

During the first 20 years of the Web, content presentation was focused on text and graphics. Today, however, video is the fastest-growing content segment of the Internet. Online video has become an immovable part of the direct marketing industry. According to the “2014 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report,” published by Flimp Media and
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Better Video Ads

At the National Association of Broadcaster Convention last week, I met up with Sandeep Casi of Videogram. I also listened to a panel discussion he took part in where he talked about auto-play videos, pre-roll ads and other advertising techniques for online videos. He has some interesting ideas. Here is a blog post he wrote
The email came just before the holiday break. “I want to shoot a video!”  “When?” “The second week of January in three cities! It’s a spoof of The Psychic Friends Network!” I thought “there goes my Christmas.” But I knew this would be fun. The caller was Claudia Allwood,  US Director of Digital Marketing at Benefit
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Tips For Time Management

Time Management. I always thought technology was going to allow us to relax a bit. All this stuff was going to automate the routine, not having to use white-out would make typing easier. Facebook would let me get to a bunch of people at once. And, actually, they have. But the demands have increased as
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MediaOne Salesforce Production

Producing Salesforce at MediaOne

Salesforce shooting at MediaOne. Written by MediaOne’s Manager of Studios, “JimmyG” Giliberti. We love having Salesforce in studio because they consistently present us with opportunities to show our flexibility in interweaving proven broadcast standards and new technologies into our productions. Originating from MediaOne’s Studio 3, we accommodate 4 or 5 executives on set, capture the
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